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Telemet Orion Integrated Financial Data Platform

You will want to use Telemet Orion as an integrated source of investment research, charts, news, portfolio analytics and market data.  Thousands of others do.


Portfolio Analytics are bundled into your platform so you can compare performance to benchmarks and see performance by security, industry or sector.  At your fingertips are 25 years of quarterly financial data on publicly traded firms. Company snapshots and three pagers show at a glance the company performance. Powerful charts show price action and overlays show technical and financial data. Quotes in market watch pages update in real-time, so you can keep your eye on the market and on your portfolios.

Featured Services

Portfolio Analytics, Security Level Attribution

Analyze sources of risk and return in your portfolios. These analyses are shown as concise tables, charts and reports. You see true, time-weighted, transaction-based performance.  Compare your portfolios against benchmarks by security, sector and industry. Performance contributions compared to popular benchmarks show leaders and laggards. In addition, see best and worst contributors and link performance across quarters.  See allocation scatter plots, attribution and performance summaries, portfolio characteristics and sub-period attribution.    Schedule reports to run automatically at the end of week, quarter, month or year.


Portfolio As-of Dates

These handy reports show portfolio characteristics and price, valuation and financial data as of your chosen date.  The reports also show over and under weights compared to a benchmark on that particular date, Data, allocation weights and allocation percentages are presented in easy-to-read bar and pie charts.


ESG Data

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings drive perceptions of brand, risk and value and are increasingly important to the investment process and investors.  Telemet sustainability metrics are aggregate data thus providing a consensus of sustainability vendor's scores.  As such you are assured of a fairer representation of these data, since they are not sourced from just one vendor.


Real-time Quotes

  • Quote Displays

  • Portfolio Windows - for instant valuations

  • Fixed Income Composite Window for U.S. Treasuries, Money Markets, Benchmark Rates

  • Options Montage – with “Greeks”

  • MS Excel Links


Charts & Overlays

Clear, crisp real-time and historic price charts make it easy to spot breakouts and trends and take action! Over 30 technical indicators, including the popular moving averages, stochastics, RSI, money flow, regression, Gann and Point and Figure appear in dazzling color.

Historic price charts include overlays of macroeconomic data and company financials including dividends, earnings, p/e, cash flow and other metrics right on the price chart.



Twenty five years of quarterly financial data (income and cash flow statements, balance sheets) on publicly traded firms. All data download into MS Excel.. Trend analysis on margins, book values, enterprise value and over one hundred other ratios and indicators are shown. Corporate actions show splits, dividends and name changes. Company snapshots and three pagers show the company performance.  Research on Telemet includes:

  • A Deep Financial Database - Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flows

  • Key Stats and Company Snapshots at Your Fingertips

  • Earnings & Revenue Estimates

  • Sustainability (ESG) Data

  • Search & Screen - Identify Investment Opportunities

  • Corporate Actions – Dividends, Splits, Spinoffs, Name Changes

  • Macroeconomic Data to See the Big Picture

  • MS Excel Links

  • A Custom Report Writer



Stock prices don't move in a vacuum. News has a major impact on the psychology of the market. Telemet offers streaming news from Dow Jones Broad tape - news that is actionable and moves the markets.

Telemet's News includes:

  • Dow Jones News Full-Text Broad Tape

  • Presswires

  • RealTime Traders News

  • Complimentary Telemet News

Pop-Up Alerts – Lets you know when an important item appears

Emails – Lets you send important items to your phone or tablet


Add-on Services

Seamless Add-ons to Enhance Productivity

Telemet IQ

Telemet IQ links company financials and real-time data to spreadsheets. Use the powerful graphics and styles in spreadsheets to see stunning reports. In addition Telemet IQ creates client ready Adobe pdf reports for management and client reviews.

TeleVista for Advent Software APX and Axys

Save time and money by updating prices, dividends and splits in Advent Axys and APX. Load end-of-day prices on stocks, indices, options and treasuries, load dividend amounts, pay dates, x-dates, record dates, load split information and update the security information file too!


Provide instant access across your firm to your proprietary research documents and spreadsheets. Your internal research may be commingled with news, or separately displayed and searched. See your rankings and internal data on investments on market watch pages. As your research analysts update these data, your portfolio managers, traders and administrative team see these instantly. It is a great communications tool.

Portfolio Accounting APIs

Link Black Diamond, Orion Advisor, Schwab PT's PortfolioCenter and other portfolio accounting packages to Telemet Orion. With this API create portfolio analytic reports with time-weighted performance and attribution. In addition "as of date" reports show holdings as of a date you choose with performance and financial metrics as of that date. These reports are great communications tools for both management and client meetings.

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