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Investment Professionals

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Telemet Orion Integrated Financial Data Platform

Thousands of professional investment managers, buy-side traders, wealth managers, portfolio managers, and research analysts use Telemet Orion as an integrated source of investment research, charts, news, portfolio analytics and market data.

At your fingertips are 25 years of quarterly financial data on publicly traded firms. Company snapshots and three pagers show at a glance the company performance. Powerful charts show price action, and overlays show technical and financial data. Quotes in market watch pages update in real-time, so you can keep your eye on the market and on your portfolios. Portfolio Analytics are bundled into your platform so you can compare performance to benchmarks and see performance by security, industry or sector. 

Telemet Finance Lab

Our leading-edge software platform meets the demands of students and faculty for immersion learning that is critical to jump-starting careers in finance and investments.

The same integrated investment platform used by Wall Street is bundled with tools and features tailored to meet the needs of today's on campus and virtual finance labs.   Telemet offers customizations and on-site training, as well as a virtual lab for campus-wide access, an on-campus finance lab and a library version for academic research.

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