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Telemet Finance Lab Installation Instructions

Please note that in order to install Telemet Finance Lab, a user must have sufficient user rights to install software on their computer. If you are unsure whether you have sufficient rights, please consult your IT group before proceeding.

NOTE:  IF you are an existing client and installing Telemet Orion Finance Lab on a new computer, click here for instructions on how to back up your settings or replicate user desktop settings.


1. To begin the download process, click on the Telemet Finance Lab link below. When prompted choose to "Save" the file to your computer (do not run it from the website). Save the file anywhere on your hard drive but make note of the location.

 Telemet Finance Lab Academic Version (v8.2.07.6) 9/23

2. Close Microsoft Excel.

3. After the browser reports the file has finished downloading to the computer, either choose "Run" from the prompt or locate the downloaded file and double-click on it.

4. Follow the prompts during the installation, and we recommend that you use the default choices.

5. After the installer reports that the setup is complete, you will see a Telemet Finance Lab icon on your desktop. Double-click it to launch Telemet Finance Lab.

6. The first time Telemet Finance Lab is run you will be prompted for your Login ID and Password. Enter them and choose OK.

7. You will also be asked if you want to log on to the server. Choose Yes.


Note for lab installations only: Make sure to check the option for "Student Shared Lab Mode" during the installation. This will allow lab users to import and export their own saved settings but then will return the lab computer to the default settings of Orion when their session is completed. Individual users with their own installations of Orion should NOT check this option.


Telemet Finance Lab will then load and you will be able to work with the default screens and workspaces.


  • If you are setting up multiple terminals with Telemet in your organization, you may wish to replicate the user customizations from one desktop to another.  For detailed instructions on how to copy the user setup, click on the button to the left.

  • If you have questions about how to use Telemet Finance Lab please contact Telemet's Client Services group by calling 1-800-368-2078, sending an email to or by clicking on the Live Chat link from this page or any Telemet Finance Lab window.

  • If you do not have a Telemet Finance Lab Login ID and Password please contact Telemet Sales at 1-800-368-2078 or

Telemet Finance Lab Upgrade Instructions

  1. Close Telemet Finance Lab and Microsoft Excel.

  2. Click on the Telemet Finance Lab link Telemet Finance Lab Academic Version (v8.2.7.6) 09/23 to download the software. Make sure you save the file to your computer and note the location it is saved to.

  3. Once the file has downloaded, run the installation (by right-clicking on the file and choosing Run As Administrator) to begin the upgrade. Click Next on the welcome screen.

  4. Choose ‘Standalone – Update Program Only’ as the installation type. Click Next.

  5. Confirm that the listed ‘Destination Location’ is the correct current location of Telemet Finance Lab. Click Next.

  6. Confirm the summary of the install settings and click Next to begin the upgrade. All customized Telemet screens and files will be backed up to the /Telemet/Orionbkp folder as part of the process.

  7. Click Finish.


If you need any assistance with downloading, installing or upgrading Telemet Finance Lab, please contact Telemet Client Services at 1-800-368-2078, via chat,  or email

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