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Helpful Information

How do I create a new symbol list that I want to watch?

Telemet Orion subscribers can create their own customized symbol lists. Pull down the menu item "Tools", select "List" and "New - Create". Type in a list name, click on the tab, "Symbol List". Type in the symbol in the box. Click on "Insert" button. Continue this process to add more symbols. You may also add a symbol to any custom price list: click on a ticker in the list, right click your mouse button, select "Insert" and type in the new symbol.

How do I add a new column to a page, I understand I have hundreds to choose from?

Subscribers frequently want a symbol list with both real-time and fundamentals, estimates, etc. To add a column to a custom page, double click on any column, select "set columns", see folders and data items, select them by clicking on the box next to the items, and then click "OK".

Can I create a shortcut to see a group of windows all together?

Shortcut window groups are called "workspaces". Arrange the windows desired on your PC screen, then select the menu item at top called "Display" then select "Workspaces" then "Save As..". Type in a name, then press "Save". The workspace is listed on the right side on the manager.

Does Telemet offer Corporate Actions?

Yes, Corporate Actions are part of the base system. Select the menu "Display", then "Research" then "Corporate Actions".

What is the fastest way to see a historic price chart on a company?

If you are looking at a custom page, click on the ticker and press the key "F8". If you are looking at a snap quote, press "F8". These are a dozen hot keys, for example "F1" gets "help", "F5" gets a "snap quote".

How do I find the symbol for a company?

Use the toolbar with the "binoculars" symbol, or use the menu item, "Options" then "Ticker Lookup". Type in the first part of the name. Press the button "Look Up". When you see the name you want, double click on it and press "OK".

How can I type in a symbol once and see a quote, chart and news without having to type in the symbol three times?

Set up a "Workspace" (see question 3), and then select from any window the menu item "Window", "Start Synch Group". Then select the other window, and select "add to synch group". The two windows are now synched. Type in a symbol in either window, changes the symbol in both. You may also use the workspace called, "Sync", which has been set up for you.

Are there ways to see the performance of a portfolio broken down by sector and industry and compared to a benchmark?

Yes, select the menu item "Display", then "Portfolio Analytics", then "Multi-style Attribution". Select the portfolio to analyze, the benchmark, and the date ramge. The analysis shows the performance by sector, industry, best and worst performers and compare these with the selected benchmark.

Symbol lists and Styles make up a custom page, what is the difference?

Styles refer to the columns on a custom page, the symbol list refer to the rows.

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