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The links below will allow you to see animated demonstrations of how to use various features for Telemet Orion.
Click on the link, and choose Run to view the video clip.
Telemet Webinars

Workshop: Refresh your Telemet Orion knowledge and learn about new features - December 2020 - New to Telemet Orion?  An Orion veteran with years of experience? Both groups will find this webinar helpful, as we work on brushing-up on basic skills and learning about new features. Join us for this free webinar and leave as an Orion expert!

Estimates Webinar - October 2020 -  This webinar will show you how to access data on analysts' earnings and revenue estimates. You can also see trends in recommendations and individual broker buy/sell/hold recommendations for any company.

Telemet Economic Data Workshop - Tools For Expanded Market Analysis - July 2020 - Telemet Orion provides many tools for portfolio performance tracking, equity research and market analysis. Yet equally important in uncertain times is the wealth of Economic Data that can help tip the balance in your everyday decisions. Watch this webinar to learn how Telemet's economic data works for you, and for your clients.

Building Live Spreadsheets Using Telemet IQ - July 2020 - See how to bring your spreadsheets to life with links for live market updates, financial ratios, historical data, company earnings and more.

Telemet Orion - ESG Ratings - May 2020 - Explore how ESG Sustainability data in Telemet Orion provides you with the ability to screen metrics, compare ratings or rankings among stocks, and "drill down" to company specific sustainability information about individual stocks in your portfolios.

Telemet Orion - Your Work From Home Solution - April 2020 - Quickly learn how to set up Orion on a home or other remote computer and how to copy your customizations from your work computer to your remote computer.

Telemet Orion's Portfolio As Of Date Reports - January 2020 - Portfolio As of Date reports show important portfolio financial and price data as of a particular date and also offers various charts to illustrate key portfolio measures.

News Integration In Telemet Orion - November 2019 - Telemet Orion offers multiple News options to help you keep on top of the breaking events and trend setting stories that affect your client's bottom line

Review of Telemet Orion's Multi-Style Attribution - October 2019 - Where did the performance of your portfolio come from? Are you underweight or overweight Sectors? Was the portfolio performance correlated to a Quintile measure, such as high or low Price to Earnings? Learn how answers are found by using Multi-Style Attribution.

Getting Started With Telemet Orion and a Review of Popular Features - July 2019 - If you are new to Telemet Orion this webinar will introduce you to key concepts and show you how to best navigate Orion's main features and capabilities. Also recommended for veteran users who could use a refresher or a reintroduction to the most popular features.

Telemet Orion Workspaces - May 2019 - Learn how organizing your favorite Telemet Orion screens with the Workspaces function is important to unlocking the value Telemet Orion offers.

Keeping Up With The Latest New Features - February 2019 - Find out about the latest additions and enhancements made to Telemet Orion in the previous year.

Tools For Traders - November 2018 - When you are ready to do a trade, Telemet Orion can be used for the information that matters! This webinar demonstrates Telemet Orion features traders find useful.

Company Financial Reports in Telemet Orion - October 2018 - Learn how to access and work with the full history of company financial statements and their associated data points.

Fixed Income Reports & Data - September 2018 - This video demonstrates the powerful Fixed Income reports and data found in Telemet Orion.

Timesaving Tips and Tricks in Telemet Orion - June 2018 - Learn expert tips and tricks to help save you time and increase productiviity when using Telemet Orion.

Powerful Charting In Telemet Orion - February 2018 - Learn the basics of Telemet's powerful charting capabilities and how to use all the different chart types available.

Portfolio Connections In Telemet Orion - December 2017 - Review of Portfolio Connections to Telemet Orion and how the portfolio data from portfolios can be utilized in Telemet Orion.

New Features In Telemet Orion - July 2017- New features added in the previous year are discussed in the areas of News, Research, Charting, Portfolio Analytics, Spreadsheet Links and Market Data.

Search Screens - February 2017- One of Telemet’s most powerful features is the ability to generate investment ideas using Search Screens. Learn how this important part of Orion can be the launching point for new ideas about the composition of your portfolios.

Orion Reporting - December 2016- Learn about Telemet Orion's and Telemet IQ's various powerful reports that help you make informed choices and effective presentations.

Orion Features, Reports and Services - October 2016- Telemet Orion is a powerful platform with a wide variety of capabilities that cover a broad spectrum of financial data and analysis. The screens you use every day can sometimes be only a fraction of Orion's overall capabilities. This webinar will briefly discuss each of Orion's features, their uses and how they can benefit you.

Utilizing Economic Data In Telemet Orion - August 2016- Telemet Orion has hundreds of economic indicators that can help you understand market trends and your portfolio performance. The webinar shows the many ways this data can be a part of your daily use of Orion.

Company and Economic Calendar in Key Stats - June 2016- The company Calendar in Key Statistics now shows earnings releases and economic indicators as well. Find more details in the video.

Customizing and Personalizing Telemet Orion - May 2016- One of Telemet Orion's main strengths is the ability to customize it to see what you want. This webinar will help you to customize Telemet Orion to quickly get to key data you need.

Telemet's Spreadsheet Library - March 2016- Find out more about Telemet's Spreadsheet Library which contains custom built spreadsheets for research, portfolio analytics, reports and more.

Telemet's Corporate Actions Data - Jan 2016- Learn where to find and how to work with Telemet's Corporate Actions data.

Portfolio As OF Date Report - Nov 2015- This new customizable report allows you to look back at a chosen historical date to see a portfolio and what its metrics and weights were at that time.

New Features in Telemet Orion - Sept 2015- See some great new tools and improvements in the latest version of Telemet Orion. Features include Portfolio As Of Date reports and free Telemet News as well as chart and window navigation enhancements.

 Alerts - Column and Limit alerts can help you stay aware of corporate actions and trading activities that can affect your investment decisions. Click on the link to view the Telemet America Webinar on Alerts in Telemet Orion.

Mobile Web App - The Telemet Mobile Web App is a valuable companion to Telemet Orion that brings the markets and your portfolios with you wherever you are and shows you the information in a form you are already familiar with.

Multi-Style Attribution - Telemet Orion's Multi-Style Attribution offers true transaction based performance attribution of your linked portfolios.

Search Screens - Searching for investment candidates

TelemetIQ - See how to unlock the power of MS Excel by linking in live data from Telemet Orion with the TelemetIQ Add-in!

 TeleVista - See how Telemet can provide "back office" functionality for Advent Axys and Advent APX using Telemet's TeleVista software.

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