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Company Research

Quarterly Financials & Excel Links

Twenty five years of quarterly financial data (income and cash flow statements, balance sheets) on publicly traded firms. All data download into MS Excel.. Trend analysis on margins, book values, enterprise value and over one hundred other ratios and indicators are shown. Corporate actions show splits, dividends and name changes. Company snapshots and three pagers show the company performance.

Research on Telemet includes:

  • A Deep Financial Database - Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flows

  • Key Stats and Company Snapshots at Your Fingertips

  • Earnings & Revenue Estimates

  • Search & Screen - Identify Investment Opportunities

  • Corporate Actions – Dividends, Splits, Spinoffs, Name Changes

  • Macroeconomic Data to See the Big Picture

  • MS Excel Links

  • A Custom Report Writer

Charts & Overlays

The Telemet Finance Lab charts have technical overlays such as moving averages, money flow stochastics, relative strength, regressions, on balance volume.  The charts also have financial overlays such as P/E, EPS, dividends, or other financial ratios.   Telemet Finance Lab charts illustrate how earnings drives performance and teach various methods of technical analyses.


Portfolio Analytics, Security Level Attribution


Perfect for teaching attribution and for reporting student managed fund performance, the Telemet Finance Lab bundles in attribution analytics to offer powerful, easy-to-use reports.  These reports show what has driven a portfolio’s performance and what contributions came from sector selection and what came from stock selection.

   Pie charts, stock weights and as-of-date holdings reports are also bundled into the Telemet Finance Lab.  These reports show performance relative to a benchmark and are teaching aids regarding a portfolio’s performance.

Portfolio As-of-Date Reports

These handy reports show portfolio characteristics and price, valuation and financial data as of your chosen date.  The reports also show over and under weights compared to a benchmark on that particular date, Data, allocation weights and allocation percentages are presented in easy-to-read bar and pie charts.

Portfolio As-of-Date Reports

These handy reports show portfolio characteristics and price, valuation and financial data as of your chosen date.  The reports also show over and under weights compared to a benchmark on that particular date, Data, allocation weights and allocation percentages are presented in easy-to-read bar and pie charts.


Financial Statements

Telemet Finance Lab includes detailed 20 years of financial statements (yearly or quarterly - income, cash flow, balance sheets and ratio statements) on thousands of public companies.   These statements are perfect for student and faculty research because they can be quickly viewed and downloaded to MS Excel for modeling, projections, analysis and reports.


A handy reference section in the Telemet Finance Lab provides a dividend detail history with record, pay and xdates, amounts, and types (regular, ordinary, distribution period Q, M etc.).  These data are perfect for teaching valuation using the dividend discount model.


ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings drive perceptions of brand, risk and value and are increasingly important to the investment process and to investors – including students and faculty.     Telemet has teamed with CSRHub to offer these as sustainability score consensus data.  The Telemet Finance Lab offers these data as an “add-on” to your lab.  As such these scores present the opportunity to discuss the variance in scores, comparisons among companies and how a consensus is a fairer representation of these data.


Real-time Quotes & News


The Telemet Finance Lab includes real-time quotes for portfolio valuation and to illustrate trading metrics.   Included are tick-by-tick time and sales, time and quote, and volume weighted average price, data professional traders use to execute trades and measure their trading acumen.  Telemet Finance Lab includes customizable pages for portfolio data letting students choose the investments and indices to track and the data to see on each customizable page.

The Telemet Finance Lab also includes news on individual companies including Edgar Filings and press releases.  News may be filtered by key words, company ticker symbols or holdings in a portfolio.

The Telemet Finance Lab offers real-time prices and news - not a simulation.   Thus the lab is perfect for Student Managed Investment Funds where accurate pricing, news and trading data are required.

University Curriculum

Included with your Telemet Finance Lab is a 91 page University Curriculum that uses the tools included with the lab to illustrate stock selection and valuation.  Further, it illustrates where on the Telemet Finance Lab you can access various data and services.

The Telemet Finance Lab’s University Curriculum  is a student reference manual and a faculty teaching aid.


Links To Excel

For students and faculty, bundled-in real-time links between all Telemet financial/price data and Microsoft Excel, make modeling, projections and analyses easy and fast.    And the MS Excel spreadsheets refresh automatically and dynamically which means you have timely and accurate spreadsheets and charts.


With Telemet Finance Lab you and students also have templates for dividend discount models, margin analyses, peer comparisons and more.

Macroeconomic Data

The Telemet Finance Lab bundles in macroeconomic time-series.  You and students may use these data to  compare values to sector, industry and stock performance using charts built into the Telemet Finance Lab.   GDP, employment, CPI, PPI, housing, industrial production, money supply, consumer sentiment, personal income, mortgage rates, credit are among the macro economic data at your fingertips.

The marcoeconomic time–series,  along with other data such as earnings and historic price data, give you and students access to a powerful financial datasets you need to illustrate, investigate and research investment principals.

Students in Library

Telemet Finance Lab

Our leading-edge software platform meets the demands of students and faculty for immersion learning that is critical to jump-starting careers in finance and investments.


The same integrated investment platform used by Wall Street is bundled with tools and features tailored to meet the needs of today's on campus and virtual finance labs.   Telemet offers customizations and on-site training, as well as a virtual lab for campus-wide access, an on-campus finance lab and a library version for academic research.

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