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    Telemet IQ

    Save time and money and eliminate keying errors. Use Telemet IQ to link company financials and real-time data to spreadsheets. Then use the powerful graphics and styles in spreadsheets to create professional reports. Use the analytic capabilities to research new investment opportunities. In addition Telemet IQ can create client ready Adobe pdf reports for management and client reviews.

    TeleVista for Advent Software APX and Axys

    Save time and money by updating prices, dividends and splits in Advent Axys and APX. Load end-of-day prices on stocks, indices, options and treasuries, load dividend amounts, pay dates, x-dates, record dates, load split information and update the security information file too!


    Instant access to your proprietary research documents and spreadsheets. These are integrated with Telemet Orion's streaming data with TeleFlash. Internal research may be commingled with news, or separately displayed and searched. Your rankings and internal data on investments are presented in Telemet Orion market watch pages. As your research analysts update these data, your portfolio managers, traders and administrative team see these instantly. Our clients find this a great communications tool.

    Portfolio Accounting APIs

    Link Black Diamond, Orion Advisor and other portfolio accounting packages to Telemet Orion. With this API you can create portfolio analytic reports with time-weighted performance and attribution. In addition our "as of date" reports show holdings as of a date you choose with performance and financial metrics as of that date.

    Our clients find these APIs great communications tools for both management and client meetings.

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    Put Telemet Orion on every desk in your firm. Access company research, company financials, portfolio analytics, real-time prices, charts, corporate actions, and news 24 hours a day right at your desktop.
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